Our Story

"Mahala" means Strength.

The Mahala Project is a fun and colorful indie beauty business with a two-pronged mission: To create high-quality, 100% natural skincare products using the best ingredients; and to support girls and women in the local community through monthly initiatives and drives in partnership with various nonprofits. 

Our original clay mask line at Tiny Taiga in Austin, Texas

"I grew up in a household of strong women. My grandmother and aunts took turns raising me when I was a baby, and when I immigrated to the United States my mother worked all day and all night to give me a better life. Through her sacrifices, I was able to achieve my dreams: working with and supporting young girls as a full-time career, and creating The Mahala Project as my passion project."

"I wouldn't be here without my mother--as well as all the other women who have supported me, from my friends to my teachers and mentors. The Mahala Project is my way of giving back and making sure that I do my part to facilitate opportunities for girls and young women, so that they can become entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders."

Following our first initiative that began in February of 2018, we donated 30 boxes of pads, tampons, and pantyliners to the women at Casa Marianella in East Austin.


"So, why skincare? Despite always promising myself that I would be successful no matter what, I haven't always been confident. And sometimes that lack of confidence is due to weird skin issues--which I have plenty of. I get how a lot of women feel. When your skin doesn't look good, you don't feel good. Add on the frustration of 'trying everything' without anything working, going to a dermatologist only for them to prescribe overly-aggressive medication, and then spending a fortune on 50-dollar creams from companies that focus more on marketing than efficacy. I get it. I've been there. That's why I started making my own."

Our Babe Collection at Charm School Vintage.

"A woman's skin can affect her confidence. And we want every woman to feel her best so that she can be her best. At The Mahala Project, I am on a mission to create the gentlest vegan, all-natural, and cruelty-free skincare products using organic and ethically-sourced ingredients. I make small batches of our products in my little Austin, Texas studio, and when I test them I make sure that they give me beautiful, healthy and glowing skin before I share them with the community. And the best part about our products? They are affordable. No ridiculous markups or pretentiousness from us. We just want your skin to look and feel beautiful so that you can exude confidence and be your most glorious, amazing self."

- E, Founder of The Mahala Project